Project Management

Project Mgt 1

“Project Management is the overall planning, control and coordination of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a client’s requirements and ensuring completion on time, within cost and to required quality standards” [Reading University].

Project Management is one of our core services. We provide project management with a complementary suite of services including design management, workplace and migration management, change management, bid writing and management; training and development and bespoke procurement.

We provide that vital independent and professional service to plan, lead, organise and control the management of projects, from inception to completion. Providing expert advice from day one, setting clear objectives and a defined scope, developing and writing client briefing document, supplying crucial resources where and when required, using a structured process for managing risk, control of budgets, Management of communications and supply chain relationships.

We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn. Our project delivery methodologies are robust, transparent and based on experience/ lessons learnt from other projects. We are committed to building and managing teams with a common culture of delivering excellence and strive to engender healthy and vibrant working relationships throughout the life cycle of projects.

Client Representation


We are experienced in the role of client representative during design, build and commissioning phases of a project. We provide the expertise to monitor project implementation on and off site and administer the Contract in relation to time, cost, valuations and project Completion. With our zero-defect strategy, we aim to ensure defect free project delivery for our clients. As part of the process, we facilitate an integrated design, supply and build process in conjunction with the Client project team; organise and manage project delivery meetings; lead and monitor value Management and Risk Management processes.

Design Management

design 2

Managing the process by which a design solution is delivered is at the heart of successful project delivery. We provide Design Management support to architects, Clients and other consultants. These services are either integrated into the broader project delivery or as a standalone service. Design management provides support throughout the design process creating efficiencies for the Client, the design team and overall project.

At DanielDebbs; we apply the same rigour to our design management service as we do to our project management service, making sure that our client’s project objectives, and construction and procurement requirements, are met. From creating design management strategies to providing relevant and timely documentation, we know the process is core to delivering a project on both the practical and conceptual levels.

Programming and Scheduling


Programme / schedule are an essential tool to ensure that resources are utilised efficiently and effectively in the delivery of projects and the key to achieving budgets and completion on time. This is an area to which contractors as well as clients pay insufficient attention when drafting contracts and when administering projects. We offer preparation of high level and detailed programme / schedule which represents an accurate statement in advance of how each activity on the project will be carried out, when it will be carried out, the sequence in which it will be carried out in relation to other activities and the numbers and types of resources that will be used to carry it out. We work with you to ensure progress is carefully monitored, causes and potential causes of delay identified and mitigation action applied to avoid or reduce delay.

Bespoke Procurement Service


We bring our experience in managing the procurement process which comprises selection and appointment of consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers of specialist services and the preparation and/or review of tender documentation to provide one-stop shop procurement for our construction and property Clients. Our global perspective, combined with focused local understanding and comprehensive service offering, can be tailored to client needs; to deliver high quality projects for client base in the global economy

We provide global products and materials procurement on the basis of an agreed fee, agency or supply arrangement to suit clients’ requirements. We explore the global market in delivering high value material procurement solutions/ products to local client/ business environment. We are able to offer procurement for Clients in Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Power sectors. We understand the specialised nature of the processes in these industries and therefore provide bespoke procurement solutions.